How to List

A No-Risk Tool to Help Maximize Occupancy.

It happens all the time. A week during your busy season doesn’t rent. Or maybe you get a cancellation that comes after the initial booking rush. Zero occupancy means zero income. If you’re willing to reduce your rate to secure a rental, will help you fill your week. You’ll have free access to a community of vacationers who are looking for deals on vacation homes. And chances are, you might meet a new repeat renter who will pay full price in future years. It’s easy to get started.


1. List

for rent


It’s free to list your property on Just click the List Your Property box at the top of the page and fill out the easy-to-use form with the details about your property and the UnRented date.

You can list your property at a fixed price, sell it via an auction, or both. We recommend selling your property via auction. It creates excitement, urgency, and competitiveness in buyers. It also eliminates buyers from procrastinating. You can set a reserve price on your property to ensure you propery won’t sell at an unacceptably low level. See our FAQ section for more information on auction pricing.


2. Monitor Your Listing

monitor has a built-in messaging system. Potential renters will reach out to you via this system to ask questions about your property.  You will receive notifications of these messages via the e-mail address you used to create your account. Use these opportunities to learn more about your potential guests.






3. Book it


If you have a successful auction or receive a buy it now request, congrats!rental agree

The renter will reach out to you via the messaging system. If you do not hear from them in a timely fashion, go directly to your completed listing and get the buyer’s username. You can then use the messaging system to reach out to the buyer.

We recommend doing your own due diligence before signing contracts. Exchange contact information and speak with your renter on the phone and make sure you feel comfortable before moving forward. See our FAQ section for Listers and our security page for information on your protection.

At this point you should handle deposits, lease agreements, cleaning fees, payment methods, and all that stuff directly with your renter. is a place to connect with potential renters. Conduct your financial transactions in private. is a risk-free service. You pay only if your property rents. Your fee is just 8% of the final rental amount you collect. If your property doesn’t sell, you owe us nothing. Zilch. Nada. Really. We’re here to help you find a renter. If we can’t do that, we didn’t do our job and don’t expect to get paid!