FAQ for Listers

How do I list my property on UnRents.com?

It’s simple! Just register as a user on UnRents.com by clicking the register link. All you need is a valid e-mail address. Once registered, all you need to do is sign in and click on the List Your Property link. Fill out the web form and you’re good to go!


Can I change my password?

Yes. When you log in, go to the Members Area and click on My Account Details. You can change it here.


How much does it cost to use UnRents.com?

8% of the final rental fee collected if and only if your property rents. Pay nothing up front. We’ll bill you after your sale is over…but only if it was successful.


What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Really. UnRents.com is a completely risk-free service. If your property doesn’t rent, we didn’t do our job. So, we don’t deserve to be paid!


So if I don’t sell my UnRented week or weekend, I don’t owe any money?

Yes. Stop being paranoid.



Yes. Really.


Do I have to list my property at a discounted rate?

No. But understand that renters who visit UnRents.com are looking for discounted vacation homes. Property owners who use the site usually come here after the rush of initial annual bookings and try to sell the holes on their booking calendar and maximize occupancy. We recommend discounting your property by at least 25%. We also recommend that you state in your listing how much you are discounting your property. Everyone loves a good deal and it helps motivate buyers when they know how much money they are saving on the rental.


Can I modify my listing?

Yes. Simply log in to UnRents.com and visit your listing. There will be a button at the top of the listing that says Edit This Listing at the top of the page. Click the button and edit away. HOWEVER, note that if you are selling via an auction and your property has received bids, you will not be allowed to modify the listing.


How do I delete a listing?

Simply log in to UnRents.com and visit your listing. There will be a button at the top of the listing that says Delete at the top of the page. Click the button and it’s gone!


If I do rent my week, how do I pay UnRents.com?

We will send an electronic invoice to the e-mail tied to your account. Please pay promptly. It will make us smile.


How do I get paid from the renter who has agreed to rent my UnRented week?

That’s up to you. All we do here at UnRents.com is help you find a renter who is willing to buy your UnRented week. We also help you agree upon a price. Once that’s done, it’s your responsibility to work directly with the renter.


My sale ended successfully and I haven’t heard from the renter. What do I do?

When your sale closes on our website, it is the renter’s responsibility to reach out to you. If you don’t hear from the renter right away, feel free to reach out yourself. The renter’s username will be listed on your closed listing. Use the built-in messaging system on Unrents.com to reach out to the renter. If you have no luck, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


Do I have to sell my UnRented period of time via an auction?

No. If you’d rather not utilize an auction, you can list your property as a “Buy it now only” listing. When you are creating your listing on the List your property page, select “Classifieds (Buy Now Only) from the Type field. However, we do recommend using an auction to rent your property. Auctions stir emotions in buyers – urgency, competition, and excitement. If you’re concerned about your property selling too low via an auction, just use a reserve price. If your reserve price isn’t met, your property will not sell.


What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is used when you sell your rental via an auction. It is the lowest price you are willing to accept for your rental. Your rental will not sell unless someone bids at or above this amount. Although it is not required, we highly recommend that you set a reserve price to prevent your property from being rented and an unacceptably low rate.


Why is the “Buy Now Price” field on the List Your Property page if I’m selling via an auction?

You are not required to have a buy it now price if you are selling via an auction, although we do recommend that you use one.  This gives you the best of both worlds. We recommend that you set the Buy it Now price at the rate you would normally ask. Then set your reserve price at the lowest rate you’d be willing to accept for the UnRented week.


Once my sale ends, where can I find the listing?

Go to the Member’s area and click on My Website Listing. There will also be a direct link to the listing in the Auction Over e-mail sent to you when your sale ends.


If a renter is interested in my property and wants to ask questions, how will he/she contact me?

UnRents.com has an internal e-mail system where renters and owners can communicate by using their usernames. You can access the system via the Member’s Area. Click on the link for My Messages. When using this system, a copy of the message will  be sent to the e-mail address you used to register on UnRents.com.


How do I contact my winning buyer?

The winning buyers username will be listed on the completed listing. Use the internal e-mail system described above to reach out. Exchange phone numbers and e-mails and conduct business as you would with any other renter you’ve done business with in the past.


Can I reach out to a bidder before my sale closes?

Absolutely. Go to the Members Area and click on the My Messages link. This takes you to the UnRents.com messaging system. Just enter the bidder’s username in the @ field and you’re good to go!


Can I add photos to my listing?

Absolutely. Under the Upload Photos section of the List Your Property Page, simply click browse and upload up to 10 photos of your property.


How big should my photos be?

1000 pixels wide will work well. You can use smaller photos, but large, good-quality photos will help you rent your property. You can go larger, but do it within reason. Files that exceed 1MB in size can get a tad cumbersome and may make your listing load slow for some users. This could be annoying and turn potential renters away.


Can I change my main photo to another one in my photo series?

Yes. Contact us and we will have to make the change for you. Just remember for next time when you create a listing, the first image you upload will be your main photo.


How do I change my password and contact information?

Go to the Members Area and click on My Account Details. Make your changes and be sure to click Save Changes and you’re good to go!


Is there a direct URL to my listing?

Yup. Just click on your listing and copy the URL that is in the address bar of your browser.


I received a suspicious inquiry, what do I do?

If it looks strange, something is probably wrong. Treat messages riddled with incorrect spelling and poor grammar with caution. If a renter asks you to wire money or participate in an odd bank transaction, you should see a red flag. A common scam is a situation where checks in the wrong amount are sent and the fraudulent renter will ask you to cash it and send back the difference.  The check sent is fake and it will often take your bank a few days to catch it. Meanwhile, you are out the difference!

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. If you see red flags, walk away from the deal. Using credit cards and services like PayPal or Braintree are encouraged. Please let us know if you run into such a problem so we can investigate and help prevent future occurrences. Please read out security page for more information.


I am renting my property on a tight turnaround time, should I accept a check?

That’s your call. Many of the weeks sold on UnRents.com are last-minute deals. Therefore you do not have sufficient time to make sure a check clears. In situations such as this, we recommend using credit cards or services like PayPal or Braintree.


What if I feel uncomfortable renting to the renter who committed to rent my property?

When a renter agrees to rent your property at an advertised or auction-determined price, there is no binding agreement between you and the renter. All we do here at UnRents.com is provide a service to help bring the two parties together and help them agree upon a price. You are under no obligation to rent your property to a renter you connect with on our site. In the unlikely event that this happens, please contact us and let us know why. While we’re on the topic, please understand that this holds true for the renters too. If they commit to the sale and flake out on you, they are under no obligation to pay you for the week they committed to. That said, we strongly suggest that you get your own rental/lease agreement in the renter’s hands ASAP. This document will give you more rights in securing a transaction with the renter.