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UnRents.com is a trusted marketplace that specializes in last-minute deals on UnRented vacation homes.

Owners of vacation homes want to maximize their occupancy. But every now and then, a week won’t rent…. even during the busiest times.

Maybe it’s by chance. Maybe there was a last-minute cancellation. Whatever it is, it happens.

As the date draws closer, vacation home owners realize that the open week just isn’t going to rent. It’s at this moment that many owners are willing to take lower rates to rent their home. After all, renting at a lower rate is better than having a vacant week!

UnRents.com offers these last-minute vacation deals in an auction-style environment.

Renters get great deals on vacation homes.

Homeowners maximize their occupancy.

Everyone wins. Everyone is happy. What’s better than that?

kevin_roundMeet the founder

UnRents.com is the brainchild of Kevin Riedel. He is an expert marketer and entrepreneur.

Kevin has had an interest in vacation homes for most of his adult life. Through studying the industry and renting countless vacation homes for family excursions, he saw an opportunity to help vacation home owners achieve maximum occupancy and help renters get great deals that make their vacation dollars go farther.