FAQ Renters



Do I need to create an account to bid on our purchase a vacation rental on UnRents.com?

Yes. It’s simple and costs nothing to create an account. Just click on register, create your own username, enter a valid e-mail address, agree to our terms and conditions, and you’re good to go. Easy-peasy. We’ll send you an e-mail with your password and you can now log in.


Can I change my password?

Yes. When you log in, go to the Members Area and click on My Account Details. You can change it here.


What if I’m just looking?  Do I need to create an account then?

Nope. Browse away.


How much does it cost to use UnRents.com to purchase a vacation home rental?

There is no cost to use the site to find a vacation home to rent.


I’m bidding on a property. Does the homeowner know my maximum bid?

Never. Bid with confidence.


I just won an auction. OR I just bought a vacation rental. What do I do next?

Congrats! You just got an awesome deal on a vacation home rental. The price that you agreed to pay is what you’re going to have to pay to the homeowner or property manager.

When the sale closes, go to the listing you just won and click on the button that says Contact Seller and use the messaging system to reach out to the homeowner. We suggest you exchange phone numbers and speak in person.

Be aware that the vacation homeowner will likely have a security deposit that you will have to pay. They will also likely have a rental/lease agreement that you’ll have to sign and be legally bound to.


How do I pay for my vacation rental?

It depends on the owner. Since you’ll be working directly with the homeowner or property manager, they will have their preferred ways of being paid.


I can’t find the listing I just won. Where did it go?

You can find the listing by visiting the link on the e-mail that was sent to you when the auction ended. Or else log in to UnRents.com, go to the Members Area, and click on My Bidding History to find the listing.


How do I know the house I want to rent is legit?

UnRents.com does not inspect the properties that are listed on the site. Therefore we cannot guarantee the validity of the listings posted on our site.  Unfortunately there are bad people out there. While false listings are rare, they are possible. If something seems strange, ask the homeowner tons of questions. Do your homework, ask for references and call the references. Check the feedback on our page. Read our security page. Often times many of the homeowners using our page have listings on some of the popular vacation home rental sites. Ask for links to other listings on the web. Another good way for you to check up on the listing is to check the Assessor’s database of the town that the home is located in. Vision Appraisal covers many east coast states. Many of these databases are on line and are free to access. Just Google the town name and the words “assessor’s database.” You’ll be able to enter the address and see the owner’s name. If you can’t find an online assessor’s database, you can always call the town assessor on the telephone.


Does UnRents.com own or rent the properties listed on the site?

No. UnRents.com is a web-based service that brings together vacation home owners and vacation home renters. We help the two parties agree upon a price. To rent a property, you need to work directly with the homeowner.


I want to ask the homeowner some questions before I bid and/or commit to buy. How do I contact them?

If you are a registered user of UnRents.com, go to the listing and click on the link that says Contact Seller. Use the built-in messaging system on UnRents.com to send the homeowner a message.

If you are not a registered user of UnRents.com, on the listing, there is a tab named Contact. Click on this tab and fill out the web form. Be sure to include your contact information in this form so that the homeowner has a method to reach you.


I sent an inquiry on a home and haven’t heard back. What’s wrong?

Remember… these are privately owned vacation homes. These are not hotels with people on staff 24 hours a day to answer inquiries. Give it a couple days. If you don’t hear back, try reaching out again. If they don’t reply again, their loss! Find another home to rent that’s owned by someone who is interested in actually renting it! Unfortunately, we have no control of the content or behavior of the homeowners.


What if, after I commit to rent a property, I decide I don’t want to use it?

When you agree to rent the property at the advertised or auction-determined price, there is no binding agreement between you and the home owner or property manager. All we do here at UnRents.com is provide a service to help bring the two parties together and help agree upon a price. You are under no obligation to rent the property you committed to rent on our site. Now understand that it won’t be cool at all if you flake out on the homeowner. You should have a good reason why. We sincerely hope this doesn’t happen. While we’re on the topic, understand that this holds true for the homeowners and/or property managers, too. If they decide not to rent to you for any reason, they are under no obligation whatsoever to do so. However, keep in mind that if you enter into a lease/rental agreement with the homeowner or property manager off of our site, you will be obligated to agree to the terms in the agreement that you signed.


Can I get a refund?

That’s between you and the property owner. You will likely enter into a rental/lease agreement with the homeowner or property manager. Details on refunds will be spelled out there. This will vary from property to property because each owner will have an agreement unique to their property. If you’re concerned about cancellation, there are ways to protect yourself. We suggest purchasing trip cancellation insurance from a third party.